Find and Join a Church!

The words of Charles Spurgeon (famous 19th century Baptist preacher) on finding a church are more true today than ever:


Do not go where it is all fine music and grand talk and beautiful architecture; those things will neither fill anybody’s stomach, nor feed his soul. Go where the gospel is preached, the gospel that really feeds your soul, and go often.

And when you do find a church like that, join them. And do so by becoming a Christ-exalting, church-loving, covenant-keeping, and culture-confronting member.


Join a church and lay down your selfish desires by considering others more important than yourself. Humble yourself and acknowledge you need other Christians. Invite them into your life. Stop complaining about what’s wrong with the church, and become part of a solution (Joshua Harris, Stop Dating the Church, 61).

O, God help us!


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