Meditate on God’s Greatness for Our Humility – Part II

“God is clothed,” says Job, “with awesome majesty” (Job 37:22).

Such were the thoughts of men of old. When they saw God, they thought they would die. The Scriptures abound in these self-abasing considerations. Men of the earth are compared to “grasshoppers,” to “vanity,” and “dust on the scales,” in respect to God (Isaiah 40:12-25).

Consider these things often to abase the pride of your heart and to keep your soul humble within you. Such a frame of heart will be a great advantage in conquering the deceitfulness of sin. Think often of the greatness of God.

John Owen, The Mortification of Sin (Edinburg: The Banner of Truth, 2005), 88.


3 thoughts on “Meditate on God’s Greatness for Our Humility – Part II

  1. We really don’t “consider these things,” do we? I am often reminded of Isaac Watt’s hymn, “At the Cross,” that originally asked, “Would he devote that sacred head for such a worm as I?” But several modern hymnals instead read, “…for such a sinner as I?” I think Watts had chosen the better word, certainly on the same page as Owen, as you’ve quoted here. I’ve only headed up Banner of Truth’s U.S. operation for 6 months, but this is book, Owen’s “Mortification of Sin,” is one of those that people continually reference as a life-changer. Thanks for sharing this, Jim.
    Grace & peace,
    Steve B.

  2. Steve,

    You are at a strategic place, my friend. I truly believe that the Banner of Truth is serving Christendom greatly and I pray that you would use God-given gifts for His glory.

  3. I truly believe that humility is, ironically, one of the most precious gifts we can give ourselves. To offer the most to the world, knowing one’s place is of almost utmost importance. That is something that holds true no matter what your faith is. My issue tends to be with the Unknown, but that’s another story, certainly not dealing with the whole of Christendom.

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