Book Review: Simplify Your Spiritual Life

I just finished this book few weeks ago. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Here’s one of the statements that caught my attention:

Many areas of our lives are productive and prosperous, yet we’ve never felt so spiritually withered. Our calendars are full, but our souls are empty (p. 17).

As a hungry soul for the deep things of God, this book reminded me many of the practical aspects of spiritual formation that I need to constantly improve – e.g., fervent prayer life, Scripture reading, and even taking a nap.

For those of you that enjoyed Don Whitney’s other book Ten Questions to Diagnose Your Spiritual Health will appreciate this book. Here’s my quick review:

  • Strengths of the book: very easy reading, short chapters (2 pages the most), very practical.
  • Weakness of the book: short chapters.

Overall, get it and read it. It will do good to your soul.


One thought on “Book Review: Simplify Your Spiritual Life

  1. Oops… I commented under the wrong blog… here’s what I meant to say HERE:


    Thanks for the book recommendation! Sounds like something I need to read… so I ordered it!

    Sounds like a book that will help me develop FaithTracker, too!


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