Book Review: The Mortification of Sin

I finally finished this book today! Here’s one of the memoriable excerpts:

One of the choicest and most important parts of spiritual wisdom is to find out the subtleties, policies, and depths of any indwelling sin; to consider where its greatest strength lies – how it uses occasions, opportunities, and temptations to gain an advantage. We need to find out its pleas, pretences, and reasonings, and see what its strategies, disguises and excuses are!

We need to continue to attack our lusts daily with the spiritual weapons that are most detrimental to it. This is the key to the warfare. Even when we think that a lust is dead because it is quiet, we must labour to give it new wounds and new blows every day (Col. 3:5).

This abridged edition of John Owen is classic indeed! It is difficult to find books worthy of your time and money on the subject of “mortification of sin” in the top ten contemporary Christian books list. That should say something about the contemporary readership. We are not so concerned about our sin than we are about our self-esteem, self-image, self-pleasure, and self-love. I doubt that average church-goers even know what “mortification of sin” means when such apprehension and applications are critical to one’s sanctification. That is why a book like this is a must to anyone who is serious about sin and sanctification.


One thought on “Book Review: The Mortification of Sin

  1. Jim,

    Thanks for the book recommendation! Sounds like something I need to read… so I ordered it!

    Sounds like a book that will help me develop FaithTracker, too!


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