If I was in Southern Cal around this time of the year, I would be surfing. But here in Midwest, it’s hunting season. And I’m not in Southern Cal anymore. So, I decided to go hunting for the first time in my life!

At first my wife was vehemently opposed to the idea. Not only because I may have to shoot and kill Bambi, but most of all, she didn’t wanted me to be on the news like Dick Cheney!

By God’s grace, I’m fine and others are too!

img_0366.JPGimg_0367.JPGI can now understand why some men love hunting. I’m not there yet, but I think I could.

I had a blast today (no pun intended) with some men from our church .

img_0370.JPGThanks Tim, Stu, and Tanner for showing me the rope. Most of all, thanks for not shooting me! My wife greatly appreciates that!


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