Afterthought on Matthew 5:5

I’m truly amazed how some people who profess themselves as “Spirit-filled” Christians can talk and have attitudes as they do even after hearing the message(s) on humility. Although I have much to say at this time, I’d like to just echo the words of Mark Dever, pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church:

How can we as Christians be humbled without hearing the Word to which we should submit? How can we be humbled apart from hearing and heeding the Word of God? How will our churches ever be the truly humble assemblies we want them to be if they do not hear and submit themselves to God’s Word? What we need is humble theology–theology which submits itself to the truth of God’s Word. “Liberal” theology–theology which does not view Scripture as finally trustworthy and authoritative–is not humble before the Word. Churches which are tentative and decry dogmatism may sound humble, but it is not truly humble to do anything other than to submit to God’s Word. Christian humility is to simply accept whatever God has revealed in His Word. Humility is following God’s Word wherever it goes, as far as it goes, not either going beyond it or stopping short of it.


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