2007 Desiring God Pastors’ Conference – Part 1

I just came back last night from the 2007 Desiring God Pastors’ Conference at Minneapolis, and I’m still recovering from the physical exhaustion (due to lack of sleep and a long drive home). This was my first DG pastors’ conference, and it was truly remarkable. The following is my short synopsis of each day.


img_0421.JPGWhen we checked into Hilton, where the conference was held, my wife and I were very surprised by how big and nice the room was. And the view of the city and tall buildings reminded us being back in L.A. (but without the spotlights from police helicopters and sirens and of course, without the snow). Just a side-note: this was the most convenient pastors’ conference I attended because I didn’t have to drive to and fro from the hotel to the conference, to eat, and to sleep because everything took place at this hotel.

My wife and I met up with Insoo, a friend from Philadelphia, for dinner. And later, we met up with other men at the start of the opening service. After some singing, John Piper introduced R.C. Sproul, the opening speaker.

Dr. Sproul chose the text of Isaiah 6 to preach “The Holiness of God.” Although I’ve heard Dr. Sproul preach a numerous times before, this particular message was, by far, one of his most powerful sermons! As a practitioner and student of expository preaching, I’ve heard many semons on Isaiah 6, but this one will stand out for a long time with me.

img_0417.JPGOne of his points that I walked away was his observation on the thrice holiness of God (i.e., “holy, holy, holy”) is the only attribute of God that is repeatedly emphasized in Scripture. Nowhere in Scripture does anyone say “mercy, mercy, mercy” to God, or “grace, grace, grace” or “love, love, love,” or even “sovereign, sovereign, sovereign.” This is also true in the book of Revelation when God is ascribed with “holy, holy, holy.” A message like this pierces to the heart of contemporary understanding of “God,” “Christianity,” and “Christian living.” To listen to “The Holiness of God” by Dr. Sproul, click here.

Stay tune for Part 2.


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