2007 Desiring God Pastors’ Conference – Part 3

Continuing from the previous recap on Tuesday.

After the special breakfast seminar on children, we moved into the main room for the morning session. After the introduction by John Piper, Thabiti Anyabwile read his text from Ezekiel, chapters 8 and 9 to preach “The Glory of Holiness in the Life of the Pastor.” For those of you who don’t know him, he’s the one whom I had the permission to post series of “How to Prevent a Church Split” and “What a Good Pastor is To Do?” on my blog previously. From the text, he gave 10 implications to challenge the pastors.

  1. Magnify God in preaching.
  2. Choose your leaders wisely.
  3. Take oversight of the people. Don’t shrink from this. Make pastoral observations.
  4. Be clear about justification and sanctification.
  5. Meditate on the fact that judgment must begin at the household of God first.
  6. Meditate on the judgment of the lost.
  7. Surround ourselves with those who mourn over sins.
  8. Regenerate membership reflects the holiness of God, which reflects the glory of God.
  9. Commit ourselves to intercession.
  10. The joy of gospel-focused.

Throughout his sermon he pointed out that the holiness of God demands the holiness of God’s people.

To listen to “The Glory of Pervasive Holiness in the Life of a Pastor” click here.

Stay tune for Part 4.


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