2007 Desiring God Pastors’ Conference – Part 5

This is the final comment on the 2007 DG Pastors’ Conference.


The session six was led by William Mackenzie, the founder of Christian Focus Publications (along with Mentor and others), and he delivered a message “Words for the World: Rejoicing in God’s Global Use of Christian Literature.” In his sermon, he articulately makes a strong plea as to why pastors (including all Christians) must read, read, and more read. To listen to his sobering message, click here.

This was then followed by the final session of Questions and Answers with the speakers (excluding R.C. Sproul). To hear various helpful exchanges, click here.

Here’s some of my final thought.

img_0425.JPGThe DG celebrated their 20th year of the pastors’ conference, and the theme this year was on the holiness of God. They could have come up with different topics, but God sovereignly moved the leadership of DG on this particular theme. I can’t help but to think that all the messages and blessings from this conference could not have come better time for me and my wife and the men who joined me at this conference. My wife is rejoicing with me today how spiritually refreshed we are at this time. It was no accident or coincident that we heard what we heard. God’s timing is perfect, and I have been reminded once again that God is absolutely sovereign in all that he does for his own glory.


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