ETS President an Apostate?

You heard right. Francis Beckwith, the current president of Evangelical Theological Society, has converted to Catholicism!

At least that’s what James White said in his blog. You can read the news “Head of the Evangelical Theological Society Swims the Tiber” by James White. Apparently this is a breaking news, and I’m interested to find out more on this. If any of you can verify whether this is true, please drop me a note.


5 thoughts on “ETS President an Apostate?

  1. An “apostate”…returning to the Church that Jesus Christ, not man founded? THat’s an interesting perspective.

    I pray that you open your mind to the way the Holy Spirit is moving in Beckwith’s life and could move in yours, as well.

  2. Mark,

    Yes, my mind is open to the way the Holy Spirit is moving, but not the way you think he moves. What is interesting is to hear how you and other people constitute Roman Catholic Church as biblical church. Now, that’s really interesting perspective.


    I’m assuming that you think I’m resisting. Now is all resistance futile? If no (and yes), then what you’re saying is also futile since you too are resisting what I and others are saying.

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