Francis Beckwith Responds

It is officially true that Francis Beckwith has converted to Roman Catholicism. You can read his official statement. But also pay close attention to Dr. Doug Groothuis’ comments and his official response to Beckwith’s move.


3 thoughts on “Francis Beckwith Responds

  1. Wonderful news! We will continue to pray that more and more respond to the promptings of the Spirit calling them to Jesus in His Church, the Church that he founded. Are you with those who come to Jesus, or are you part of those described in John 6:66? How do you respond to Jesus’ invitation?

  2. I think it is odd and a bit condescending for Dr. Groothuis to surmise that Beckwith must not have been “well-grounded in the essential doctrines of the Christian faith, as articulated by the Five Solas of the Reformation.” It’s entirely possible that Beckwith was well grounded in those doctrines and just found Catholic arguments to be more persuasive.

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