Is This The Gospel?

In light of heated discussions on whether evangelicalism and Roman Catholicism can be united, check out this video:

Picture is worth thousand words.


4 thoughts on “Is This The Gospel?

  1. I can’t help but note the irony of this post and its position directly beneath the post above with Olsteen. Would you find it fair if a Catholic showed a two minute clip of Olsteen as proof of the vacuous nature of evangelicalism?

  2. I tend to agree with Mark… there are some wacky Catholic priests, just as there are some wacky Evangelical preachers.

    You wouldn’t denounce Evangelicalism if a famous preacher misrepresents truth… and you shouldn’t denounce Roman Catholicism if a priest misrepresents official church teachings.

  3. Joe,

    I have two things to say:

    1) Joel Olsteen doesn’t fit the profile of historic evangelical or evangelicalism.

    2) You need to compare apple to apple. If it is the apple you want, you need to reject what is not the apple. If you think Roman Catholicism is apple, then warmly receive it and shouldn’t denounce it as you say. However, both cannot be the apple.

  4. Jim,

    I know what you’re saying. But at the same time, your video post of the priest made it seem like you think his views of salvation are consistent with the official teachings of Roman Catholicism.

    A better argument might be made if you used official Catholic teaching, instead of a wayward priest, which is probably taken out of context.

    So you need to compare apples to apples, too. Compare what the priest said to what official Roman Catholic teaching says. Then we can evaluate whether it is consistent with the gospel or not.

    Don’t get me wrong… I’m not saying evangelicalism and Roman Catholicism preach the same gospel. But it’s important that we are fair in our criticisms.

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