A Word on Evangelism

The topic of evangelism is an important one amongst Christians. As a matter of fact, it is one of the essential factors for church growth. Yet, like prayer it is one of the most neglected engagements and lifestyles of Christians. Perhaps this is due to fear of rejection, fear of confrontation and alienation, or simply don’t know how. If the latter is an issue, here’s a short, but helpful article “Cold Evangelism” by Jesse Johnson (a classmate of mine from TMS) in Pulpit Magazine. Furthermore, I’d also recommend “Principles for Evangelism.”

As a pastor and church planter, I often pray and wish to see the following happening in regular basis:

  1. First and foremost, I want to be passionate about evangelism. But passion doesn’t mean anything if it’s mere sentiment and has no specific actions. Hence, I must take specific actions in putting my passion for evangelism into practical and regular engagements. This may be applied differently for different folks, but as for me, I want to be more intentional and even aggressive (without being obnoxious) in confronting erroneous worldviews that people give with the truths of the gospel.
  2. Our church people need to understand that evangelism is what Christians are all called to do, not only by the pastors and/or paid staffs.
  3. I’d like to see many Christians come out of their “Christian bubbles” and confront the world with the gospel. It is difficult to be   mission-minded and mission-fulfilling Christians if we don’t take risks with the gospel but only confine within our own little bubbles and comfort zones.
  4. As one of my seminary professors used to say, our church people need to go out and bring in some fresh bloods into the church. But that can’t happen if we can’t adequately explain some of the fundamental truths about the gospel and if we’re afraid. Just the other day, I had a Jehovah Witness lady going from house to house passing out her literature and inviting others to her Kingdom Hall. I was thinking if someone from the darkness can be that aggressive in propagating lies, I believe that the people of the light ought to be far more excited about propagating the truths of God. That means, we do need to make some serious efforts (time, energy, and money) for evangelism.
  5. Understand that there is no conflict between the sovereignty of God and evangelism. The truth of the matter is, the people who truly understand the doctrine of God’s sovereignty ought to be more passionate about evangelism since it is God who saves, it is God we fear, and it is God who gets the glory in and through. Evangelism is not about us. It is not about what clever tactics or cookie-cutter programs or methods we use. No. Evangelism is about God – it is for God, in God, by God, and to God. When we take us out of the picture, evangelism becomes more like a blessing than a burden or chores.

3 thoughts on “A Word on Evangelism

  1. It would be encouraging to hear of your personal evangelistic encounters in your day-to-day life in the community of Brandon, Valley Springs, Sioux Falls, etc. There are many people in this region who are content with knowing about God, but never truly knowing God personally.

    For me, I have been witnessing to a young man online via instant messaging, clearly detailing the gospel and conversing with him, as well as praying for him at the same time.

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