Sermon on the Mount

Here’s a personal praise report. Last Sunday I finally finished preaching through chapter 5 of the Matthew’s Gospel! Yes! I couldn’t tell who was more excited – me or the folks here 🙂

According to my log, I’ve started the Sermon on the Mount on 10/22/06 and have preached 24 messages thus far. By God’s sovereign timing, last Sunday on the Father’s Day I concluded Matthew 5 with the Fatherhood of God and the Perfection of God. I’m always amazed by how God orchestrates my preaching schedule.

Looking at from an overall picture, my log indicates that I started on Matthew back in 3/12/06 and have preached 46 expositions so far. Praise God! By God’s kindness and grace I have learned far more about my sinfulness and my Savior than I think our folks have. Although I have preached through Matthew 12 years ago or so, I’m so amazed by what I discover every time I approach the text. The Word of God is indeed simple enough that a child can understand, and at the same time, it is deep enough to drown an elephant.

I hope and pray that God would grant me more days ahead to preach through this life-transforming Gospel. Praise God for his grace and for this wonderful privilege.


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