Registration Now Open

If you haven’t heard, the registration for 2007 Desiring God National Conference is now open. Allow me to give you some reasons why you should attend:

  1. How often you get an opportunity to hear all these speakers like this in one place? Personally, I’m looking forward to hearing Jerry Bridges in person. Though his writings have influenced me deeply, I have never met or heard him in person. Also, without any explanation needed from me, I’m just so looking forward to seeing one of my heroes of faith coming out here from my hometown.
  2. If you’re not already familiar with most of the speakers, then this would be a great opportunity to be exposed to some of God’s servants. You’d be amazed to know how many professing Christians have never heard of John MacArthur in this part of the country where I serve. They’re like “John who?” And then I’m tempted to respond “Do you know Jesus?”
  3. An event like this helps you to see that you and/or your church are not the only ones that are laboring for the Kingdom. As a matter of fact, how often do you worship and fellowship with other like-minded Christians that are outside of your circle or comfort zone? It’s not healthy to be locked up or be confined to what you’re always used to (cultural or theological tradition or even both). Go out, take a fresh air, look around and observe, and learn from others. You’ll either appreciate what you already have (or continue to maintain) or appreciate seeing things from a different (or better) perspective. It’s a sign of pride if you think you got everything down and you don’t need to (or you can’t) learn from others.
  4. If you’re a pastor, encourage the people from your fellowship to attend. This way, they’ll hear from other like-minded men that you’re not the only one who affirms what you affirm. This way, your people may appreciate you more knowing that they’ve heard the same message that you’ve been faithfully preaching all along. It’s always encouraging and refreshing to hear same old truths from different lips.
  5. The quality of Desiring God conference is superb. This past February, I took our leadership to DG Pastors’ Conference (for the first time) and we walked away with a sense of being drenched with God’s blessings through the folks at DG ministry. Plus, receiving some good free books didn’t hurt either.
  6. You may bump into some old friends or meet new folks. For me, I got to see some of my old seminary friends, and also had a friend fly-in from East Coast. Plus, I got to meet some new folks. It’s a great place to network, especially, as a church-planter. When I meet people I usually tell others about Sovereign Grace Bible Church and where we’re located, and etc. You’d be amazed how many people are willing to pray for me, our church, and etc. So, why miss out on blessing opportunity like this? That’s why I’m encouraging all of our folks to attend if possible. As they meet other Christians (hopefully, mission-minded folks) and our church-plant comes up in their conversation, what a support it will be having people praying for us!
  7. Last, but not least, you’ll be fed spiritually big time! At times, you may feel like you’re drinking water out of fire-hydrant but it’s so worth it for your soul. If you’re serious about learning from some of God’s choicest instruments, register now and save some bucks.

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