Prayer Closet

Don Whitney on prayer:

What does it say about the priorities of Christians who have a whole room for physical exercise, but no place only for spiritual exercises? What does it say when we allocate a large space just for children to play, but none for Christians to pray? What does it say when we design the most spacious area in the home for our entertainment, filling it with a large TV, music system, and computer whereby we hear from the world, but make no plans for a place where we meet with God? It’s not that we can’t use a desk both for work and prayer, or that we can’t read the Bible in the same chair where we watch TV. But why shouldn’t the home of a Christian demonstrate by design – whether a small room or a renovated closet – that prayer to God is important? [Simplify Your Spiritual Life (Colorado Springs, Co.: NavPress, 2003), 87-88].


One thought on “Prayer Closet

  1. Good quote, Jim. Perhaps this also is reflected in some countries where believers refer to their meeting place as a “house of prayer.” Thanks for the encouraging posts on prayer. I need to hear it again and again.

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