Praying In Jesus’ Name

Bryan Chapell on praying in Jesus’ name:

Praying in Jesus’ name is automatically a confession of our unworthiness and a proclamation of his worthiness. By including the name of Jesus in our prayers, we acknowledge he paid the debt for our sins in his suffering and death on the cross… [And] he provides us union with him so that we are now robed in his righteousness and pronounced by the heavenly Father to be as precious to him as his own Son… Thus prayer in Jesus’ name is not an incantation to make us worthy of divine attention; it is a confession that we are unworthy of even approaching God apart from the mercy and merits of our Savior. We pray in the name of Jesus to profess our need of him and to proclaim our trust in the provision of righteousness he made for us [Praying Backwards (Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 2005), 22].


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