A Little Update

By God’s providence I’ve been catching up on my reading list. So far I’ve finished 12 books (total of 1,824 pages) this year, and more to go. Some are boring, illogical, while some are exceptionally thought provoking. One such example is David F. Wells’ Above All Earthly Pow’rs: Christ in a Postmodern World. Like his previous books in the series this one also delivered an accurate assessment of contemporary evangelical churches. This month I want to highlight some of his observations along with my own thoughts. Hence theme this month is on church.

Last month many of you have expressed appreciations on prayer, which I’m grateful. I think though a little background should be in order. When I was first introduced to the world of blogging I mainly used it for myself and for a small community of my friends and for people in our church. But now, I realize that the circle of my readership is beyond what I imagined. With that, I am more conscious of what I post here because I sure don’t want to waste someone’s time reading some irrelevant or meaningless random stuff. My goal here is primarily to edify and equip the saints, and evangelize the lost for God’s glory. Hence, what started off as briefly sharing some encouraging words on prayer for our church folks became the primary theme for the whole month. And by the responses I received (though mostly by via emails), I was encouraged to know that I have a bigger readership than I thought.

To answer people’s questions on what prompted me write on prayer was largely due to my current expositions on the Disciples’ Prayer from Matthew 6, and at the same time being fueled by reading the Puritans on prayer (e.g., Thomas Watson, The Lord’s Prayer; Matthew Henry, A Method for Prayer; Thomas Manton, Sermons on the Lord’s Prayer). Moreover, reading D. A. Carson’s book A Call to Spiritual Reformation did a number on me.

When you exegete Scripture, and it then begins to exegete your heart by the Holy Spirit you experience a personal revival. And it doesn’t simply stop there. It overflows to your preaching, strengthens your convictions, and increases your boldness to speak the truth and love God’s people. And what’s even more amazing is to see and hear similar evidences of God’s grace in our own church folks. Praise God!

Anyhow, stay tune this month. Also, I may have another contributor to this blog which I am excited about. You just have to stay tune.


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