Church and Theology

Mark Dever offers why theology is critical in how you “do” church:

Are people basically bad or good? That will determine much of what you think a church needs to do. If you think people are basically good, then a church is a simply a place where we seek encouragement or perhaps the enhancement of our self-esteem. We need simply to take the good that’s in us and build on it. However, if you think something is much more radically wrong with us humans, if you think that we are spiritually dead, guilty before God and separated from him, then there is something different that churches must do. In that case, churches need to present the Gospel clearly. Churches need to tell people how to find forgiveness for their sins and how to find new life. We will “do church” differently, depending on how we understand God and ourselves. To be biblical, we must know that God is a holy God and that we, by nature, are dead in our sins and transgression and justly stand under His condemnation [Nine Marks of a Healthy Church (Wheaton: Crossway Books, 2004), 66].


3 thoughts on “Church and Theology

  1. sure there is some aspects of “theology” that are necessary to our walk as followers of Christ and for the Body of Christ as well. but those specific theological issues are few and far between. whether someone has to be “dispensationalist” or “covenantal” or whatever is certainly not a must for the Body.

    you are right that we all must recognize that we are sinful and need to repent. but this is vastly clear from all the Scriptures. there are other issues that are rightly much more difficult to discern.


  2. That is why we major on the major and minor on the minor. Having said that, you now have to deal with what is major and what is minor. And that’s where the debate lies.

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