Paganism in the Church

People in the Midwest (especially, in my neck of the woods where I minister) pride themselves that they are not anything like the people in other parts of the country or other parts of the world. I would say, that all depends on what you’re talking about. But when it comes to fundamental nature of mankind it doesn’t matter where you live. People are people – i.e., blasphemers of God and slaves to sin by natural disposition that are in desperate need of God’s redemption.

Having said that, it is one thing to talk about the sameness of sinners while there is a clear distinction in the severity of sins (Proverbs 6:16; Matthew 12:31). What I see all around me is people putting on religious facade while embracing paganistic worldviews. Sadly, this includes many professing “Christians.” And Scripture makes both explicit and implicit statements that there is severity of God’s judgment against those who prostitute God’s truth. The professing “Christians” cannot claim ignorance when they have the oracles of God, just as the people of Israel were judged for failing to be responsible with what they were given (Romans 3:2).

While some here say, “We’re not like the people in California” (meaning, “We’re more culturally conservative than Californians” though that is greatly debatable in my observation), I would argue that paganism is embraced by many, regardless where you live – even if you live on a small farm out in the booney of the Midwest.

On this regard, I want to recommend a must-read article “Are We Goin’ To San Francisco?” by Dr. Peter Jones of CWiPP (Christian Witness to a Pagan Planet). I believe that understanding the cultural weather of our time helps us to be more urgent in our prayer, preach more boldly and passionately, and be more mission-minded in confronting the people with God’s authoritative and sufficient truth.


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