Above All Earthly Pow’rs – Part 3

Personal and Private Truth

Continuing from Part 1 and Part 2 of my interactions with David F. Wells’ Above All Earthly Pow’rs.

Wells observes that postmodernists personalize and privatize truth. He notes:

Truth in this postmodern and individualistic context becomes entirely private. What is true for one, therefore, may not be true for another; what is preference for one will not be preference for another, and the spirituality that works for this person may not work for that (p. 168).

As a pastor, how often have I heard professing Christians say, “Well, that’s just your interpretation” or “That’s your opinion”? Even after spending countless hours showing them what the Bible actually says (with their Bibles opened), explaining exegetically all the verbs and nouns and important grammatical constructions, persuading them that I’m not the only one who believe this by pointing them what the churches have taught historically, and still, they act as though they know more or that they are the final judge. I sometimes wonder whether these people argue like this when they go see medical doctors or bankers. Whatever happened to objectivity? I doubt that these people would argue with physician’s assessment or banker’s equation. How is it that people listen to these folks more and readily than ones that proclaim and explain God’s word? I already know the answer to my own question; I’m just not sure whether these people know or honestly admit.


One thought on “Above All Earthly Pow’rs – Part 3

  1. I’ve heard these arguments out of non-believers… but how much more sad when it is a person who professes to know Christ…

    May the Lord always show me His view and ‘opinion’, and then may He provide me the grace to change mine.

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