Peter’s Powerful Preaching

This past Sunday I’ve preached Acts 3:11-26 titled “Peter’s Powerful Preaching.” People today talk about how they are curious to know what the early Christians believed and what their message was, and I say, stop being curious and stop looking anywhere else, but look here to the Bible. Here in Acts 3, we have authentic Christian message and authentic Christian preaching. You can listen to my exposition of this text at our church’s website. Here, however, let me quickly offer some characteristics of Peter’s powerful preaching:

  1. Preaching that does not glory in self, but in God (vv. 11-12).
  2. Preaching that is confrontational (vv. 13-14, 17).
  3. Preaching that is Christocentric (v. 15a and following).
  4. Preaching that is personal (v. 15b).
  5. Preaching that is sovereign grace-centered (v. 16).
  6. Preaching that is redemptive-historical (vv. 17-18).
  7. Preaching that is repentance-oriented (v. 19).

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