Persevere in Persecutions

Last night (11/4) I preached Acts 4:1-31, entitled “Persevere in Persecution.” Acts 4 records the first persecution against the early Christian church. It provides a tremendous lesson for all of us in terms of how we should react when we experience a religious/spiritual persecution against us. So I addressed ten implications that this particular narrative points out.

  1. Persecution comes when we are actively doing God’s work.
  2. When you teach and proclaim God’s truth, not everyone is going to like you.
  3. Those who oppose you are often times the most religious ones.
  4. In spite of discouragements and persecution against God’s spokesmen, God always saves all those whom he has sovereignly chosen.
  5. A genuine persecution is generally over doctrine.
  6. God will not abandon you during the time of your persecution but empowers you with His Spirit to testify.
  7. The key to teach God’s truth effectively and authoritatively is simply this – “having been with Jesus” (v. 13), namely, being in God’s word and prayer.
  8. Individuals who are thankful and loyal to God will stand with those who are thankful and loyal to God.
  9. Our loyalty belongs to God than people.
  10. Persecution should drive us to God through prayer.

If you’re interested, you can hear how these ten implications flesh out.


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