Joy and Judgment in a Local Church

Last night (11/11) I continued my exposition on Acts and preached 4:32-5:11, a message entitled “Joy and Judgment in a Local Church.” This particular text portrays a crystal clear distinction between God’s pleasure and God’s displeasure in a local church. One demonstrates joy; the other, judgment. This particular narrative strongly implies that both pictures can be found in a local church. God’s pleasure is demonstrated in the latter portion of Acts 4; while God’s displeasure and disapproval are found at the beginning of chapter 5.

From the text, I pointed out what brings God’s joy and what brings God’s judgment. Here’s my brief outline.

I. What Brings God’s Joy in a Local Church?

  1. A church that strives for true Christian unity brings joy to God; but not at the expense of doctrine.
  2. A church that demonstrates sacrificial giving and sharing brings joy to God.
  3. When the priority of church ministry is given first to her members.
  4. When there is a continual proclamation of the resurrected Christ.

II. What Brings God’s Judgment to a Local Church?

  1. Your private sin not only can kill you (literally), but it affects others in a local church.
  2. When you sin against a church, you sin against God.

III. Some Final Implications

  1. God will remove individual(s) from a church for the sake of her purity and testimony.
  2. Although there is God’s judgment, there is also God’s grace.

If you want to listen how these points flesh-out click here.


2 thoughts on “Joy and Judgment in a Local Church

  1. some excellent points… I wish more people would read such things… and so it would not seem that I do not take these things personally… I need to take these things more to heart myself…

    thank you for taking the time to post/share


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