A Biblical Church Life – Part 1

I’m currently taking a break from Matthew (which I’m enjoying) and preaching through the book of Acts (which I’m also enjoying).

This evening (11/25) we came to another pivotal part in the book of Acts that I felt I was doing injustice if I would to simply overlook Acts 6:1-6. To understand the first half of Acts 6 is critical in number of ways (this would be evident through exposition) since we are striving to become a biblical church that glorifies God. Although our text consists of only six verses, it is a storehouse full of God’s truth that directly impacts the life and growth of our church and other churches too.

To better help our folks understand this particular narrative in this text, I made four interpretive observations, which serve as four implicational principles that would help us to understand a biblical church life. Because I feel that this particular section of Acts is important for us as a church, I’ve decided to take tonight and next time around to look in-depth at this. As a matter of fact, I barely finished covering verse 1 this evening. Here are my four interpretive observations:

  1. Numerical growth is up to God (v. 1).
  2. A genuine church growth has to do with increase in discipleship-making, not just pew warmers on Sundays (v. 1).
  3. It is inevitable that someone in the church will complain (v. 1).
  4. Churches cannot ignore the needy widows in their congregation (v. 1).

If you want to hear how these points flesh-out, you can listen here.


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