The Christian’s Christmas

I’ve been hearing a lot of people’s expressions about Christmas on a local Christian radio station here (i.e. South Dakota). While I don’t want to damp the Christmas mood, I do think biblical and theological perspective is needed. Here’s what I mean. I often hear people say (callers and radio personalities) that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus, which is a typical answer that I don’t disagree.

But so what about the birth of Jesus? People celebrate other people’s birthdays all the time – e.g., mine, yours, Buddha, Mohammad, etc. So what’s the big deal about his birth? Although it is not untrue that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus, his followers must not settle by a mere fact that he was born. There are myriads of people who celebrate key figures of different religions. Hence, if professing Christians say that Christmas is merely about his birth, then we miss a tremendous opportunity to spread the supremacy of Christ.

The point is the birth of Jesus is not like other people’s birth. A case in point, when was the last time you heard of someone who was born of a virgin? When was the last time you heard of a preexistent being experienced birth? The nature and uniqueness of his birth are some aspects of the supremacy of Christ that we must not ignore but to tell others. And what better opportunity than now?

Moreover, I would also emphasize not only how he was born but why he was born. What makes Christian’s Christmas unique is its theocentric emphasis (the faithful covenant keeping God), christocentric emphasis (the faithful covenant keeping Son), cross-centeredness, and so on. All that to say, the Christian’s Christmas is both redemptive and historical for the glory of God.


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