A Biblical Church Life – Part 3

Tonight (12/16) I finished my series “A Biblical Church Life” from Acts 6:1-6. Since I already addressed 8 biblical principles from Part 1 and Part 2 I began tonight with the 9th principle and more. They are as follows:

9. Organized structure is a means to glorify God in a local church.

10. Ministry exists only when there is a need (v. 3).

11. God has his standard for those who serve in his church (v. 3).

  • “Select from among you (plural),” which refers to leadership that is homegrown.
  • Plurality of men.
  • Leadership of men – all the nouns are gender specific, namely, in masculine plural.
  • Men of good reputation (martureo in Greek, where we get “martyr” from), which has to do with bearing witness, being a witness and being well spoken of.
  • Full of the Spirit.
  • Full of wisdom.
  • Men who are tested and proven.

If you want to hear how these points flesh-out, you can click here.


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