The Jesus of Christmas

Tonight (12/23) I preached John 1:10-13, a message entitled “The Jesus of Christmas.” I originally planned to impose the following question as my introduction: Who is this Jesus that the whole world is celebrating this season? But then I was quickly reminded by our text that the world does not celebrate the same Jesus that Christians celebrate. This is because in many people’s minds Jesus of Christmas is not the Jesus of Scripture. Thus I had to revise my original question to: Who is the true Jesus of Christmas?

To find that answer we do not take a survey to see what people think about Jesus or vote who he is by a majority vote. No! The only authoritative source we go to find who the true Jesus of Christmas is is none other than the Bible. And according to our text (John 1:10-13) we find four aspects of Jesus that is clearly revealed. They are as follows:

  1. He was already in the world even before he was born (v. 10a)
  2. He is the one who created the world (v. 10b)
  3. He was rejected by those he created (v 11)
  4. He is the Sovereign Savior from the bad news (v. 12)

If want to hear how these points flesh-out you can listen here.


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