Another Gospel

My heart longs for churches to wake-up from apathy and lack of discernment (along with many other sickening symptoms) and boldly confront errors with truths of the gospel. The next two videos of men (Justin Peters and John Piper) are few that are attempting to do just that.

People, if you are not shaking and trembling for God and running to his mercy as a result of what you hear at church you’re not hearing the gospel. And such so-called church that does not preach the gospel is not a church. Ultimately, God is the gospel. That means the ultimate focus of the gospel is not man nor his needs but God! I would even argue that the ultimate goal for the gospel is not even the salvation of men but the exaltation of God! Hence the purpose of the gospel is not so that I can have the health and wealth, but solely for God’s glory!

Brothers, preach the Word of God (cf. Hebrews 4:12-13) this weekend!


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