Lloyd-Jones on Pulpits

Here’s a follow-up comment from words of Martyn Lloyd-Jones to my previous post:

There are many who preach about the Lord Jesus Christ to no effect and we can see why. They have no doctrine of sin, they never convict or convince people of sin. They always hold Christ before men and say that that is enough. but it is not enough; for the effect of sin upon us is such that we shall never fly to Christ until we realize that we are paupers. But we hate to regard ourselves as paupers, and we do not like to feel our need. People are ready to listen to sermons which present Christ to them, but they do not like to be told that they are so helpless that He had to go to the cross and die before they could be saved. They think that that is insulting. We must be brought to realize our need. The first two essentials to salvation and to rejoicing in Christ are the consciousness of our need, and the consciousness of the riches of grace that are in Christ. It is only those who realize these two things who “ask” truly, because it is only the man who says “O wretched man that I am” who seeks for deliverance. The other man is not aware of his need. It is the man who knows that he is “down and out” who begins to ask. And then begins to realize the possibilities that are in Christ [Studies in the Sermon on the Mount, 2 volumes (Grand Rapids: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 1993), 2:199-200].


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