Afterthoughts on Racist Photo of Spanish Men’s Basketball Team

I was so dumbfounded when I saw the headline “Is Spanish team photo racist toward Chinese?” Trying to regain some composure after seeing the article and taking a long walk to cool down, here are my afterthoughts:

1. There needs to be a correction made on the news headline. This photo does not only offend Chinese but all Asians. If anyone would think that such photo is offensive only to Chinese is a sign of pure ignorance. And it would only prove that we still have a long way to go in addressing and educating racial issues in this country. Although I am not Chinese (though I am a Korean-American) such racial and degrading picture is simply unacceptable regardless of what Asian ethnicity you are.

2. For a team to represent their country front of the whole world to see, Spanish Men’s Basketball Team really blew it. And they ought to feel their shame. When an athlete or a team is playing at the Olympic he/they not only display their athletic abilities but a sense of dignity and ambassadorship of their country.

3. Because of their stupidity are we to think that people in Spain are also racists and ignorant to racial issues? I hope not because that too is racial stereotype and generalization, which is a form of racism. I want to believe that there are better people in Spain than ones that have represented by their men’s basketball team.

4. Racism of any sort is due to sin and sinfulness of man. It only reminds me that every man needs the gospel. And only then can a racist be transformed to love all races for whom Christ died. The biblical gospel is culturally and racially transcendent. But more importantly, it transforms all of God’s people to love all of God’s people.

“For he himself is our peace, who has made us both one and has broken down in his flesh the dividing wall of hostility” (Ephesians 2:14 ESV).


One thought on “Afterthoughts on Racist Photo of Spanish Men’s Basketball Team

  1. Good post, Jim. I am reminded that there is really only one race (Acts 17:26), and it is fallen. Perhaps there is a better term than “racism” for what appears to be little more than pride.
    Anytime we are confronted with someone different, we are tempted to view them and evaluate them from our own perspective, rather than God’s. Why not rejoice that the Creator has made such diversity within the one race!

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