An Observation of Republican National Convention

I just finished watching entire session of Republican National Convention (RNC). My observation is that there is definitely a qualitative difference between Democratic National Convention (DNC) and RNC, namely substance. From an oratorical standpoint almost every speaker starting from Mrs. Laura Bush offered several evidential examples as to why RNC has a stronger candidate than DNC. To save time I will not offer her examples here. I’m sure you can find her speech online.

And then there was Senator Fred Thompson from Tennessee. Wow. What a powerful speech! I’ve heard his speech before, but never like the one he delivered tonight. Again, wow. If you somehow missed his speech, you need to listen to it or read the transcript. Out of all the speeches and political ads that I’ve seen, I think Senator Thompson’s speech tonight was, perhaps, the strongest argument why McCain should be the next president of the United States.

As an outsider looking in and purely from an oratorical standpoint, I believe RNC is offering stronger and convincing appeals – e.g., proven track records of McCain’s character as an unwavering soldier, his pro-America, pro-life, pro-military, pro-national security, pro-tax cut, and pro-women.

And then there was Senator Joe Lieberman, an Independent Democrat, who pleaded an intesting case specifically to those who are Independent, Democrats and Republican alike that are still undecided, that this particular election is not election/politic as usual because the time in which we live is greatly different. Hence what this country needs is unusual candidate and leader, John McCain, said Lieberman.

Finally, let me clarify something here. I am not writing this post to promote a particular presidential candidate or a particular political party. I am a minister of the gospel and my allegiance is toward Christ and his kingdom. In addition, as a historical Baptist, I am a proponent to separation of church and state. Hence these are my observations and opions as an outsider looking in.


One thought on “An Observation of Republican National Convention

  1. I posted Fred’s speech and video (along with Lieberman’s).

    I think 93% of the country expected Obama to trot home with the presidency after defeating Hillary, but in less than a week they have serious concerns ahead of them.

    They who spoke of the ambiguous “change” in potential are faced with a ticket of “reformers” who have skins on the wall to show they’ve done it.

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