Biblical Perspectives on the Post-Election

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama addresses supporters ...
(AFP/Stan Honda)

On the day after the historic U.S. election, we do not complain or murmur about the results since we affirm the sovereignty of God. However, we rejoice and celebrate on the fact that God still rules. That central truth alone causes us to ponder and practice other Godward implications:

  • To respect the man that God has put in charge to lead this nation. We need to respect the position, not whether we like or dislike the personality or the party affiliation.
  • To pray for our new President. What kind of message do we give to our family members and the unbelieving world around us when we complain and show distaste for our President (the man that God has providentially placed) more than praying? On this regard, I’d like to recommend you further read Ligon Duncan’s “Some Initial Thoughts on Praying for President-Elect Obama.”

As much as the new President-Elect has many works ahead, so do our churches. Our hope is in God, not in government. Our faith is in the glorious Person and the finished work of Jesus Christ, not in glorying of a person and finitude of any human instrument.


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