A Parallel of the Two Cultures

Christian Overman, in his book Assumptions That Affect Our Lives, refers to Will Durant’s book The Life of Greece, which was published in 1939. Overman summarizes Durant’s discussion of ancient Greece and compares it with modern America with the following list on pp. 19-20.
  • People, especially the educated ones, have rejected traditional religions.
  • Cults from the East have been accepted.
  • Astrology is practiced.
  • Patriotism has declined.
  • Men practice manners which have previously been considered effeminate.
  • The upper class is consumed with the pursuit of pleasure.
  • Education stresses knowledge more than character, and produces masses of half-educated people.
  • Public athletic games have turned into professional contests.
  • Homosexuality is popular.
  • Men who want to watch dances by unclad women do not have to go far to find them.
  • The dramas of the day are full of seduction and adultery.
  • A women’s liberation movement has brought women into active roles in a previously male-oriented culture.
  • Motherhood is devalued, and the bearing of children is viewed as an inconvenience.
  • Abortion is commonly practiced, as well as infanticide.

Sounds familiar. Ever wonder what happened to the Greeks?

(Permission from Dr Phil Siefkes)


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