Balance In Our Preaching

In reading for my doctoral study, I came across this following quote:

There are many preachers who seem to do nothing else, always discussing Christianity as a problem instead of announcing Christianity as a message and proclaiming Christ as a Savior. I do not undervalue their discussions. But I think we ought always to feel that such discussions are not the type of ideal of preaching. They may be necessities of the time, but they are not the work which the great apostolic preachers did, or which the true preacher will always most desire. Definers and defenders of the faith are always needed, but it is bad for a church when its ministers count it their true work to define and defend the faith rather than to preach the gospel. Beware of the tendency to preach about Christianity, and try to preach Christ (Phillips Brooks, “Truth and Personality” in The Company of Preachers, edited by Richard Lischer [Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2002], 19).


One thought on “Balance In Our Preaching

  1. Dear Sir;

    Thank you sir, I really apreciate your reminder that balance preaching was so important. please help me to continue my preaching in balance. may God bless you and your ministry.

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