Losing Focus in a Small Church and What to Do About It

Everyone can lose his or her focus, given enough time. Churches are no different. Within one generation a church can move from a vibrant soul-saving beacon of light, to a dim ember that is about to go out. I’ve seen it. I’ve pastored in those churches. But in Jesus Christ there is always hope. Just as Jesus called Lazarus from the tomb so that he could live to proclaim his Savior’s praise, so too Jesus desires to call dead and dying churches back to life for His glory.

Although many more Bible churches need to be planted, there are an abundance of churches that already exist, that have lost their focus and have become inwardly focused and outwardly stagnant. Imagine if 100 dying churches once again became alive in their communities what an impact we could make!

If you find your church in this situation, don’t leave. Don’t jump ship. Instead, ask yourself these questions to begin to determine how you can begin to turn around your church:

  • Are we seeking to fulfill the Great Commission or are we merely in a maintenance mode?
  • Are we making excuses for ourselves (the area has changed; the church down the road keeps stealing our members), or are we dealing honestly with our own sins and faults?
  • Are we seeking programs and gimmicks to be our savior instead of seeking the will of the One who walks among our churches (Eph 2:1)?
  • Are we looking back to the “glory days” of the past instead of looking forward to the glory days that God has in store for our future?

May the Lord guide our churches that have lost their way into becoming vibrant, soul-saving beacons once again so that the glory of God may shine bright.


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