What Churches Can Learn from Penn State Scandal


What churches can learn from Penn State scandal? I would recommend you read Al Mohler’s commentary here. In addition, I offer some further lessons.

1. When you witness or know of sin in the church, don’t turn the other way. Don’t go about business as usual. Don’t claim ignorance. Don’t pretend that you can do nothing.

2. God is absolutely holy. And those he redeemed are holy (indicative) and ought to be holy (imperative).

3. God takes sin seriously. Hence, his people should too.

4. The God-given means in which the community of God’s redeemed (i.e. church) is to cultivate sanctification and even sanctions against the unruly is through discipline (Matthew 18; First Corinthians 5; Second Thessalonians 3:6).

5. God is the final judge, not you and me. And he will judge. No one will get away with anything from God who is all-knowing.

6. Everyone needs the gospel and God’s people need to be reminded of the gospel.

What is the gospel? That God created man to glorify and to enjoy his creator. Instead, man chose to disobey and transgressed against his creator. As a result, the man who was once “the image bearer of God” has been tainted with sin and all his descendents now have been born with sinful disposition. Although God could have allowed the whole humanity to remain condemned, he chose to save some. So, God sent his son Jesus to fulfill such mission. As a result of the finished mission, God demands that all men everywhere to repent and be reconciled to their creator and the only redeemer.


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