Pride and Pastor #3

Pride and Pastor #3

Proud people tend to talk about themselves a lot. Proud people tend to like their opinions more than the opinions of others. Proud people think their stories are more interesting and engaging than others. Proud people think they know and understand more than others’. Proud people think they’ve earned the right to be heard. Proud people think they have glory to offer. Proud people, because they are basically proud of what they know and of what they’ve done, talk a lot about both. Proud people don’t reference weakness. Proud people don’t talk about failure. Proud people don’t confess sin. So proud people are better at putting the spotlight on themselves than at shining the light of their stories and opinions on God’s glorious and utterly undeserved grace.

(From Paul Tripp, Dangerous Calling, 175-76).

Let me add some of my observations:

Proud people (including pastors) are unthankful. Proud people are too proud to say, “I’m sorry. It’s my fault. Will you forgive me?” Proud people are unteachable. Proud people are arrogant with what little they know and boast of their little/limited knowledge. Proud people are easily offended. Proud people easily discount or belittle suggestions. Proud people resist doing what’s right. Proud people are stubborn. Proud people are unruly. Proud people have authority issue. Proud people are suspicious of others. Proud people have self-entitlement issue. Proud people are people pleasers. Proud people show favoritism. Proud people play double-rules. Proud people are hypocritical. Proud people compete for God’s glory.



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