Ulrich Zwingli (1484-1531)


Ulrich (Huldrych) Zwingli (1484-1531) is one of the primary fathers of the Protestant Reformation, along with Martin Luther and John Calvin. Born in German-speaking Switzerland. He was ordained as a priest in the Roman Catholic Chuch in 1506. Between 1512 and 1516, he served as chaplain for the papal mercenary service. In his last year of service at Glarus in 1516, he came to a Reformed understanding of Scripture. In 1519 at Grossmunster in Zurich, he began systematically preaching through the New Testament, during which time his support of Luther and the doctrines of Reformation became more evident. He was outspoken of the Roman Catholic practices and doctrines of monasticism, purgatory, worship of Mary and indulgences.

In 1529 he helped the publication of the Zuricher Bible (1529), one of the earliest translations into the German vernacular. Although the Reformation grew, he differed with Luther in regards to the Lord’s Table. Contrary to Luther’s consubstantiation, Zwingli held to memorialism. In October 1531, he was killed by the Catholic armies at the Battle of Kappel.


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