Praise God for Both Justifying Faith and the Justification of Faith

The community of God’s redeemed people need to ponder and praise him for both justifying faith and the justification of faith. According to the Belgic Confession (1561):

Therefore we justly say with Paul, that we are justified by faith alone, or by faith apart from works. However, to speak more clearly, we do not mean that faith itself justifies us, for it is only an instrument with which we embrace Christ our righteousness. But Jesus Christ, imputing to us all His merits, and so many holy works which He has done for us and in our stead, is our righteousness. And faith is an instrument that keeps us in communion with Him in all His benefits, which, when they become ours, are more than sufficient to acquit us of our sins (Article 22b).

Therefore, for any to assert that Christ is not sufficient, but that something more is required besides Him, would be too gross a blasphemy; for hence it would follow that Christ was but half a Savior (Article 22a).

Does Your Church Need Reformation?

One of the areas that today’s churches need the greatest reformation is the area of church leadership. Although anyone in the church can contribute to problems in the church, at the end of the day, it is the leadership that is ultimately responsible. However, what happens when there are unqualified people serving in the position of influence and/or leadership? Unfortunately, this problem is all too common. For instance, what do you do when a senior pastor believes that a Mormon Church is just another denomination? How about a pastor’s wife who habitually talks ill about others who she feels are threat to her husband, yet he still remains in the ministry even though he acknowledges her sins publicly?

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