May 21st

Someone asked me what I thought about May 21st doomsday nonsense. Here’s what I said:

  1. Harold Camping is a heretic and a false prophet.
  2. Jesus is coming back. It can be even earlier than May 21st or even on that date or later than May 21st. No man knows. But one thing is certain. Jesus said he’ll come back again for his church.
  3. The Second Coming of Christ does have “doomsday” mood because its biblical descriptions are dark – e.g., judgment, wrath, etc. And it is no nonsense. But such mood applies only to those who are not ready. But to those who long to see Christ, we live as though today is our last day here on earth and can’t wait to see our Creator and Redeemer. Hence, wishing that Christ comes even before May 21st.

What To Think About T.D. Jakes

What to think about T.D. Jakes? That all depends. He may be a nice guy in person. He may be a nice husband, a good father, a good friend, and so on. I don’t know. I never met the guy.

But I and many others do know what he believes and rejects. And that’s the focal point of my concern and you should too – if you care about truth, gospel, church, and God’s glory. You should never fail to test all things to Scripture just because a person is “nice” (in this case, even popular). Some of the cult groups that ring my house are some of the “nicest” people I met. But their views are utterly dangerous and deadly, simply because they’re not squared with the Bible. Heresies should not be ignored, belittled, or even be embraced just a little.

Some may argue that I and others shouldn’t judge people that we don’t know “personally.” Really? So, just because I didn’t know Hitler “personally” I should not denounce his atrocities? Also, if that’s the case, then why are you judging me when you don’t know me? Enough with nonsense and childish self-refuting arguments!

Contrary to “it’s-none-of-my-business” popular notion, it is my biblical duty to warn the flock that I shepherd concerning questionable teachings and wolves-in-sheep’s clothing. One notable persona is T.D. Jakes. To identify him as a Christian is failure in biblical discernment. Let me recommend an excellent article “T.D. Jakes and the Trinity” by Jonathan Moorhead. It’s a clarion call for churches to discern!

The Gospel According to Joel Osteen

Here’s the gospel according to Joel Olsteen:

After watching this, one wonders: what about the exclusive nature of the gospel that Jesus proclaims in John 14:6 and other countless exclusive claims? Also, a discerning mind asks, does sincerity equals salvation? In other words, does God save a person as long as one is sincere about “God”?