A Growing Concern for Korean Christians and Churches

This article by Jewish Journal is one example of my growing concern for Korean Christians and churches who love family-values, traditions and history, yet fail to see the superiority and sufficiency of the gospel and its implications.

I had the privilege of sitting under the ministry of Dr. Jin Sup Kim (one of the men listed in the article) and served along him as a youth pastor. I grew to appreciate his scholarship, especially, in the area of the OT, but as this article demonstrates sometimes scholarship could get better of you, namely one’s evangelical distinction/conviction.

I believe in the authority and sufficiency of Scripture, which means the Bible is the final authority and is sufficient to address in the areas of family, education, finance, and other areas that Koreans may value. And what makes our evangelical distinction/conviction unique is that everything (including those areas mentioned) flows from properly understanding the gospel and its implications. Sure, one can learn from a Jew or Judaism about how to raise a family. But that does not mean it is gospel-driven or gospel-focused. The argument is no different than say learning from a Buddhist, Muslim, or a Mormon. The fundamental question is, what makes raising a family uniquely a Christian or Christianly? That is the question.

To argue that Christians need to adopt Jewish practices is to blur not only our theological distinctions but our theological practices.