Pastor’s Wife

Many pastors that I know (i.e. the married ones) would freely acknowledge that we wouldn’t be in the ministry without our wives. We are utterly grateful for them. They go through so much because of us. Yet only the handful in the church truly understand what pastor’s wife really goes through. Although there are countless books on pastoral ministry and what pastors do (in fact, I can at least recommend five books top of my head), books on pastor’s wife is pretty sparse. In fact, I can’t think of any at this time. (Actually I did think of one.)

I think there should be. If books like Lectures To My Students or The Reformed Pastor could save us from making stupid mistakes, there ought to be books for pastors’ wives to save them from making unwise choices. Believe me, I’ve watched how some wives have ruined the credibility of their husbands’ ministry – e.g., from being materialistic, bitter, boisterous, controlling, dominant personality, gossipy, jealousy, lying habitually, cold, unfriendly, unwelcoming, distant, and inhospitable – to just flat out unruly. So it is possible for pastors’ wives to bring down their husbands – from ministry. Thus, I wish there are books, specifically, for pastors’ wives.

A few weeks ago, I did come across something that was helpful for me to better understand my wife and what it means to be a pastor’s wife. My wife agreed too. I hope the following can be encouraging to other pastors’ wives.

The Pastor’s Wife Is a Pastor’s Wife (Part 1 of 3 by Gloria Furman)

The Pastor’s Wife and Her First Love (Part 2 of 3 by Gloria Furman)

The Pastor’s Wife and Her Primary Ministry (Part 3 of 3 by Gloria Furman)

What Is The One Thing You Would Tell Pastors’ Wives (by Kay Warren, wife of Rick Warren)

Pastors, let us love and encourage our wives more and better. Churches, please pray, love, and encourage your pastor’s wife.

(Update: This book was recommended to me. I haven’t read it but I trust those who recommended to me.)