Biblical Perspectives on the Post-Election

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama addresses supporters ...
(AFP/Stan Honda)

On the day after the historic U.S. election, we do not complain or murmur about the results since we affirm the sovereignty of God. However, we rejoice and celebrate on the fact that God still rules. That central truth alone causes us to ponder and practice other Godward implications:

  • To respect the man that God has put in charge to lead this nation. We need to respect the position, not whether we like or dislike the personality or the party affiliation.
  • To pray for our new President. What kind of message do we give to our family members and the unbelieving world around us when we complain and show distaste for our President (the man that God has providentially placed) more than praying? On this regard, I’d like to recommend you further read Ligon Duncan’s “Some Initial Thoughts on Praying for President-Elect Obama.”

As much as the new President-Elect has many works ahead, so do our churches. Our hope is in God, not in government. Our faith is in the glorious Person and the finished work of Jesus Christ, not in glorying of a person and finitude of any human instrument.

Is It Unbiblical to Submit to Woman (Potential) Vice-President?

There are a lot of discussions and even debates in regards to whether Sarah Palin’s running for Vice President (and even possible Presidential office) is biblical or unbiblical. Some would say it is unbiblical to submit to any female leadership. Some would say it is perfectly OK to have female leadership in all walk of life, including church. As you can see there are all sorts of implications tied to this debate.

If you’re interested in some sound clarifications, I would recommend a recent four-part posts “Does Sarah Palin Present a Dilemma for Complementarians?” by the Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.

An Observation of RNC – Part 2

I know many people are talking today about Gov. Palin’s powerful speech last night, and rightfully so. More on that later. But what many are not talking about is former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s speech. I know that some would say that he and the president have something in common – i.e., not gifted in public oratory. But last night he proved many people wrong. If you missed it, you need to see or read it for yourself.

Although I may agree that he is not known for waxing eloquence, he and the president do share something in common – proven leadership, especially, during a major national crisis. Leadership is not determined by golden mouth. A person can wax eloquence, but not a leader. Leadership is determined by proven ability to lead. Many great leaders of the past and present are not known for their public speaking. However, they are known for ability to lead during crisis – e.g., Moses, General MacArthur, etc. And what proven leadership both former mayor and the president have been in keeping America safe since the 9/11. The issue of national security needs to be in forefront than economy and environment in this election. In fact economy, environment, and other social issues would mean very little if the national security is compromised. Hence every American needs to wake-up and see pass all the media glib and focus on what is at stake in this election. The time has changed and is changing. The world is not safe and will not be safe if America and others ignore global threats of the evil.

Now, back to Palin. Wow, what a presentation! I sensed more convictions in her than many so-called preachers and pastors. She was poised, persuasive, pointed, personable, and passionate (which by the way are some essential aspects in preaching). I don’t think I remember ever hearing such powerful vice presidential candidate speech like that in my lifetime. So far, I believe Senator Thompson, Giuliani and Palin’s presentations have provided the strongest arguments for RNC.

An Observation of Republican National Convention

I just finished watching entire session of Republican National Convention (RNC). My observation is that there is definitely a qualitative difference between Democratic National Convention (DNC) and RNC, namely substance. From an oratorical standpoint almost every speaker starting from Mrs. Laura Bush offered several evidential examples as to why RNC has a stronger candidate than DNC. To save time I will not offer her examples here. I’m sure you can find her speech online.

And then there was Senator Fred Thompson from Tennessee. Wow. What a powerful speech! I’ve heard his speech before, but never like the one he delivered tonight. Again, wow. If you somehow missed his speech, you need to listen to it or read the transcript. Out of all the speeches and political ads that I’ve seen, I think Senator Thompson’s speech tonight was, perhaps, the strongest argument why McCain should be the next president of the United States.

As an outsider looking in and purely from an oratorical standpoint, I believe RNC is offering stronger and convincing appeals – e.g., proven track records of McCain’s character as an unwavering soldier, his pro-America, pro-life, pro-military, pro-national security, pro-tax cut, and pro-women.

And then there was Senator Joe Lieberman, an Independent Democrat, who pleaded an intesting case specifically to those who are Independent, Democrats and Republican alike that are still undecided, that this particular election is not election/politic as usual because the time in which we live is greatly different. Hence what this country needs is unusual candidate and leader, John McCain, said Lieberman.

Finally, let me clarify something here. I am not writing this post to promote a particular presidential candidate or a particular political party. I am a minister of the gospel and my allegiance is toward Christ and his kingdom. In addition, as a historical Baptist, I am a proponent to separation of church and state. Hence these are my observations and opions as an outsider looking in.