Prayer That Jesus Taught

I just finished a 14-week sermon series on “Prayer That Jesus Taught” from Matthew 6:9-13.

Part 1: An Introduction to Prayer That Jesus Taught (Matthew 6:9-13)

Part 2: “Our Father” (Matthew 6:9)

Part 3: “Who Is In Heaven” (Matthew 6:9b)

Part 4: “Hallowed Be Your Name” (Matthew 6:9c)

Part 5: “Your Kingdom Come” (Matthew 6:10)

Part 6: “Your Will Be Done” (Matthew 6:10b)

Part 7: “Your Will Be Done On Earth As It Is In Heaven” (Matthew 6:10c)

Part 8: “Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread” (Matthew 6:11)

Part 9: “And Forgive Us Our Debts, As We Also…” (Matthew 6:12, 14-15)

Part 10: “And Do Not Lead Us Into Temptation” (Matthew 6:13)

Part 11: “But Deliver Us From the Evil One” (Matthew 6:13b)

Part 12: “But Deliver Us From the Evil One” (Matthew 6:13b)

Part 13: “But Deliver Us From the Evil One” (Matthew 6:13b)

Part 14: Addendum Prayer (Matthew 6:13c)

Puritan’s Prayer on Lord’s Day Morning


Day and night are thine; they are also mine from thee-

the night to rid me of the cares of the day,

to refresh my weary body,

to renew my natural strength;

the day to summon me to new activities,

to give me opportunity to glorify thee,

to serve my generation,

to acquire knowledge, holiness, eternal life.

But one day above all days is made especially

for thy honour and my improvement;

The sabbath reminds me of thy rest from creation,

of the resurrection of my saviour,

of his entering into repose,

Thy house is mine,

but I am unworthy to meet thee there,

and am unfit for spiritual service.

When I enter it I come before thee as a sinner,

condemned by conscience and and thy Word,

For I am still in the body and in the wilderness,

ignorant, weak, in danger,

and in need of thine aid.

But encouraged by thy all-sufficient grace

let me go to thy house with a lively hope of meeting thee,

knowing that there thou wilt come to me and give me peace.

My soul is drawn out to thee in longing desires

for thy presence in the sanctuary, at the table,

where all are entertained on a feast of good things;

Let me before the broken elements, emblems of thy dying love,

cry to thee with broken heart for grace and forgiveness.

I long for that blissful communion of thy people

in thy eternal house in the perfect kingdom;

These are they that follow the Lamb;

May I be of their company!



A Preacher’s Prayer

A Preacher’s Prayer:

O God, break me just now; I feel pride in my heart. God forgive me, for I find myself more consumed with thoughts of how well I will do rather than trusting completely in what you alone can do. I repent of all prideful thoughts and impure motives that place the focus today on my own glory rather than your glory. Kill within me that part of me that pressures me to perform and do well when I preach because I have a desire to be liked, a reputation to uphold, or a title before my name to fulfill. Help me preach like a man who has been crucified with Christ so that the sheep see that it is not I but Christ who lives within me preaching today. Remind me constantly today that I am a sinner saved by grace – no more, no less.

O God, teach me afresh what it means to die to self – even in a pulpit! Remind me again today that preaching your Word is a gift and a grace. I did nothing to earn it, and I’ve done nothing to deserve it. Indeed, I am not worthy to proclaim the riches of your glory. As you humbled Isaiah in his day, humble me before I preach, before your throne of glory. As I prepare to step behind the pulpit today and break the bread of life, remind me that I am called to this family of faith to serve bread to your hungry people. Give me a love for my flock, and make me a blessing to them today. As your herald, help me to proclaim with boldness the truth. Remind me even now that I am not in this to make a name for myself; I am in this to make much of Jesus.

O God, save souls today as I lift up Jesus before the eyes of the lost. Burden me even now with their eternal state. Empty me now of all the vain things that charm me most; I sacrifice them to his blood. Fill me with the Holy Spirit, and empower me to preach your Word with conviction and power. And when the message is over and the people begin to leave, I pray none would leave saying, “What a great preacher we heard today.” Instead, I pray that all will leave in awe of you, saying, “What a mighty God we serve!”

(From: Greg Heisler, Spirit-Led Preaching [Nashville: B&H Academic, 2007], 113-114).

Pray Hard and Reguarly for Your Pastor

In light of Pastor’s Appreciation Month, how about praying, especially, hard and regularly for your pastor this month? Can you imagine what that would do for your pastor, your church, and for you personally?

Many in this generation attend church to find peace and happiness, not pardon and holiness. They want to be fulfilled, not discover how Christ is the fulfillment of earlier revelation. They prefer entertainment to worship, oratory to truth, and programs to piety. If such people exercise a dominant voice in a church whose leaders earnestly seek to be faithful to Scripture, the leaders are in for a rough time. We need to pray that God will send us undershepherds who are wise, spiritual, godly, disciplined, informed, prayerful, faithful to Scripture. But we also need to pray that their ministry will be acceptable to the saints. It is an enormous tragedy when there are too few faithful, anointed, visionary leaders; it is a terrible indictment on the church when those the Lord sends are treated like dirt. These things happen, and frequently. Perhaps they would not happen so often if more of us prayed that God would make the ministry of his most faithful and spiritually minded leaders widely acceptable among the saints [D.A. Carson, A Call to Spiritual Reformation (Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2006), 218-19].

How Does God Want Us To Pray?

How does God want us to pray so that He will listen to us?

First, we must pray from the heart to no other than the one true God, who has revealed Himself in His Word, asking for everything He has commanded us to ask for.

Second, we must acknowledge our need and misery, hiding nothing, and humble ourselves in His majestic presence.

Third, we must rest on this unshakable foundation: even though we do not deserve it, God will surely listen to our prayer because of Christ our Lord. That is what He promised us in His Word (The Heidelberg Catechism #117).