Your Reading and Your Pastor

There are prolific materials on Christian related topics on the worldwide web, including the myriads of bloggers who pose themselves as “experts” on their newly discovered subject (e.g., Calvinism) when they haven’t spent years of reading, studying, reasoning, and wrestling with various scriptural texts and issues. Here’s a little advice. Ask your pastor. Go to him for resources. He’s your spiritual overseer. [Here, I’m simply assuming that such man is a careful exegete, thinker, student of theology, profuse reader, and so on].

It’s amazing to see how many church members disregard or neglect seeking their own pastor’s resourcefulness and advice. If you truly believe that your pastor is someone that God has placed to oversee your spiritual welfare, then it only makes sense to check with him before you feed/expose your mind to whatever is the latest or popular on your local “Christian” bookstore or by your friend. Books like Prayer of Jabez and Your Best Life Now and other “Purpose-Driven” stuff should never have been picked as best-sellers amongst Christians. This is an embarrassing commentary on today’s churches. Whatever happened to discernment? Oh, man, don’t get me started on this…

Now, if your pastor is not a careful exegete, thinker, resourceful or not much a reader, then you have a bigger issue.