Why Using the Actual Bible is Better Than Using Phones or Tablets


Thankfully, I still see many folks using their Bibles in churches. But I also notice the invasion of smart phones and tablets too. Let me offer why using the actual Bible is better than using smart phones or tablets during worship service.

  1. You can readily underline, highlight, circle, and take notes in your Bible than your phone/tablet.
  2. You can see the text and its context – both the immediate and surrounding contexts better than the limited screen of your phone/tablet.
  3. Using your Bible actually forces you to remember/memorize the canonical names of the sixty-six books of the Bible. Hence, you’re not depending on the machine to search or locate the biblical reference. This generation is already Bible illiterate. We don’t need more contribution toward dumbing down.
  4. With your Bible you don’t need to worry about draining the power. On the contrary, the more you use your Bible the more your soul will be charged.
  5. You are less distracted and tempted to check your email, Facebook, text message, game scores, or surf the web with your Bible.
  6. It just sounds better when the pages are turning.