1. Please be quick to listen, slow to comment (James 1:19).
  2. Don’t expect to receive a reply every time you comment. Also, your comment(s) may not be posted if language, attitude, recommendation, or resource isn’t something that would generally be helpful to my readers (Ephesians 4:29).
  3. Identify your real name when commenting. A minimum of your first or last name is expected. Also, please avoid anonymous opinions. If you wouldn’t say it to someone in person, don’t say it here.
  4. Refrain from writing a long (a very long) comment. If you have that much to say, start your own blog.
  5. Comments and/or opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect the entire positions and/or practices where I pastor.

One thought on “Disclaimer

  1. I recieved this article in an email from a past Pastor and thought it so good that I want to use it in our monthly newsletter. I am writing to find out if that is permissible. Please let me know. God bless and thank you.

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